Handheld Readers

The power of a mobile device plus wireless networking and multi-protocol RFID capabilities.

  • Perfect for when it's more practical to bring the read/write device to the tagged object
  • Also ideal in the field for asset tracking and service applications

Fixed Readers

Rugged, easy to configure, and provide control of peripheral devices and sensors for effective, accurate RFID supply chain management.

  • Meet the highest industry and deployment standards
  • Reduce the communications burden on your network or servers


The vital link between reader and tag, the antenna serves as the conduit that moves data back and forth.

  • Ultra-rugged for fixed or vehicle-mount applications
  • Available with a variety of gain, polarization, and radiation pattern options

Label Printers

Built for your most mission-critical RFID printing applications.

  • Simultaneously print, encode, and verify smart labels to enable RFID tracking for quick and accurate data collection
  • Integrate into manufacturing, warehouse, and logistics applications

Tags and Labels

For global asset management and supply chain support, our passive UHF RFID tags and smart labels receive, store, and transmit digital information in multiple frequencies.

  • Secure, accurate identification on any surface
  • High performance and durable

OEM Embedded Reader Modules

The cost-effective way for OEMs and systems integrators to quickly add high-performance UHF reader capability to nearly any product design, including:

  • Mobile computers and tablets
  • Fixed position readers
  • Handheld scanners
  • Diagnostic equipment