1D and 2D Barcode Scan Engines and Modules


1D Barcode scan engines and imager modules: One-dimensional (1D) data capturing scan engines and imager modules are designed to meet the needs of manufacturers in a wide variety of barcode scanning scenarios. We've prioritized engine compatibility and ease of integration with an emphasis on compact size, multiple mounting possibilities, low-power operation and standard interfaces

2D Barcode scan engines, imager modules, and decoder boards: Two-dimensional (2D) barcodes have been quietly revolutionizing many production, tracking and maintenance processes for years. With the development of Honeywell's unique near-far area imaging technology, these products are now capable of reading 2D barcodes at nearly any range. Our wide range of 2D scan engines and imager modules provides enhanced scanning power and efficiency. Engine compatibility and ease of integration remain our priorities, with an emphasis on compact size, multiple mounting possibilities, low-power operation and standard interfaces.

Potential applications include those found in retail, healthcare, transportation, service industries, and industrial automation

SwiftDecoder™ Barcode Decoding Software


SwiftDecoder™ is a barcode decoding Software Development Kit (SDK)—not a barcode scanner—packaged for developers, independent software vendors and other OEMs who develop barcode scanning apps or custom barcode scanner hardware. SwiftDecoder-M is for mobile platforms, while SwiftDecoder-S is for standalone, non-mobile platforms.

Developers are looking for a barcode decoding solution that rivals the best commercial scanners. They need a decoding SDK that is easy to integrate and offers configuration options to fit their applications. They require an SDK that will adapt to support the latest development environments as smart phones and operating systems are updated. Additionally, many developers can benefit from software integration support. Honeywell’s SwiftDecoder Barcode Decoding Software has you covered.


  • Flexible: Accommodates mobile (i.e. Apple® iOS®, Android™, Windows™ UWP) and stand-alone, non-mobile platforms (i.e. Windows™ Desktop, Linux Foundation™, Embedded OS).
  • More reliable: Uses the same decoding technology found in Honeywell barcode scanners worldwide that more quickly and reliably scan millions of barcodes daily.
  • Snappy barcode scanning: Helps to expedite the scanning process and minimize errors and delays.
  • More accurate: Algorithms perform aggressive and more accurate reading, which reduce errors by minimizing misreads associated with many other decoders.
  • Effectively reads poor quality 1D and 2D barcodes: Helps to expedite processing time.
  • True, 360° omnidirectionality: Enhances ease-of-use and enables successful first-pass reads.