Helping organizations innovate the way they work. From reimagining business processes to enhancing the customer experience to improving patient care, organizations are discovering the advantages of teaming their Apple® mobile digital devices with Honeywell Captuvo Enterprise Sleds.

Available for Apple iPhone® and iPod touch®, Captuvo enterprise sleds protect these digital wonders and transform them into more capable, enterprise-ready devices. Use them to:

  • Instantly access critical enterprise information.
  • Quickly and accurately read linear and 2D barcodes with the integrated barcode scanner.
  • Securely process credit card transactions at the point of decision with the optional encryption-ready magnetic stripe reader.
  • Gain additional power to the Apple device, ensuring maximum uptime.
  • And more.


Healthcare-specific Captuvo enterprise sleds are available that feature disinfectant-ready plastic and a sealed screen protector.