How do I place an order with Mann Support?

You can place an order by clicking on the ‘Order Now’ button on the product pages on our website or by sending us an email to You can also call us on 08090645389.

How long does it take to deliver an order?

Same day delivery if the item is in stock otherwise customer will be advised on possible delivery time.

How can I get more discounts on my order?

All bulk purchases come with great discount.

Can I choose a delivery day for my order?

Customer may choose a delivery date if the advised delivery date within the communicated possible delivery date is not convenient.

Can I order for items not listed on the website?

Yes, at Mann Support we source for items globally and deliver to our client’s doorstep

What is the payment terms for bulk/company orders?

All orders are 100% upfront unless when advised otherwise.

Are there warranty on the products I order on Mann Support?

At Mann Support, we prioritize quality. All product warranty is transferred directly to the customers where available.

What is your return policy?

Stock items can be returned within 24 hrs, if they are not tampered with.

Do you charge sales tax?

We are mandated by the state government to charge Tax at point of sale.

Do you ship to international addresses?

We have dedicated freight partners that can ship to anywhere in the world.

Can I have my items shipped to an exporter?

Items are delivered to any location of the clients choice.

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