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Choose the appropriate Safety Boots for your workplace

Safety is of utmost importance at the workplace. When it comes to safety, safety boots, safety helmets, and goggles are a must-have. Safety boots, for example, keep your feet safe from heavy tools or even slippage, especially, in workplace environments where there is a constant risk of being harmed such as construction, mining, factories, etc. Needless to say, it becomes pertinent that employees opt for appropriate safety equipment to prevent any unfortunate occurrences.

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Before buying safety shoes it is essential to pay heed to some important considerations like –

Correct sole type

  • PU sole: This is a very durable double density polyurethane sole. Such type of a sole is quite light and provides optimum comfort. PU sole is classified as PU single density and PU double density soles. Double density soles offer better resistance to abrasives and tend to last longer for the wearer but are more expensive than single density. They are more comfortable as the lower density midsole also offers a cushioning effect.
  • PVC sole: This is a synthetic alternative to traditional leather and is generally used in formal shoes, often allowing for increased cost-efficiency and innovative style. Most importantly, it is skid-free and so is used widely.
  • Rubber sole: This kind of sole is generally fit for high-temperature operations. It offers complete softness and flexibility. The increased durability of such a material brings a long term value.

Correct Toe Cap

  • Steel: Steel toe safety boot is quite durable and has a protective covering on the toe which safeguards the foot from any kind of falling objects or compression, which is usually combined with a midsole plate to offer complete protection against punctures from below.
  • Fibre: Such kinds of toe caps are non-metallic in nature, made of lightweight fibre and do not have any kind of impact resistance. The best part about fibre toe caps is that they are extremely rigid, so they offer very high performance with minimal encumbrances.
  • Composite: These types of toe caps are usually much lighter than steel boots and are completely metal-free and therefore do not conduct electricity. Composite boots are highly suitable if you have to pass through metal detectors like for those working in nuclear plants, courts or airports. The boots are non-metallic and do not set off metal detectors.

Today the safety of workers has come a long way from the sidelines to take charge of the center stage of employee rights. Henceforth, the need for bringing in mandatory safety footwear at the workplace is of utmost importance in order to guarantee complete protection to the employees.

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The Safety Footwear available at complies with ISI specifications and is chemical, heat and oil resistant. Therefore, they can be used in a wide range of industrial settings ranging from construction sites to oil rigs, factories, and excavation sites. Rest assured with a variety of top-notch brands available online, you can easily choose from the numerous color and design options. ppe supplier in Nigeria

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Choose the appropriate Safety Boots for your workplace
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