5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Safety Shoes

workers on site wearing safety shoes and PPEs

Every now and then we stumble across news stories replete with accidents and mishaps at workplaces. It’s a hidden truth that lives of workers at industrial sites are always at stake since accidents can catch anyone unawares and lead to a sordid injury. From an organization’s point of view, that’s all the more true and worrisome!

Because a spate of injuries suffered by employees can ruin any workplace’s output. And most of the time the malefactor is not shoddy equipment or callousness, but the common culprit is the quality of industrial safety shoes! Believe it or not, shoes tread the fine line between life and death for a person on the job.

Almost all the unwarranted injuries namely—slips, trips, falls, lacerations, bruises, etc. at factories or manufacturing hubs are a result of malfunctioning shoes. It’s safe to say safety shoes are the cornerstone of any production unit. This is why employers need to be extra vigilant when it comes to providing comfy and secure footwear to their employees.

How to Choose and Buy the Right Safety Shoes?

Here is a rundown of all the essential things you must know about buying safety shoes in Nigeria before you make the splurge.

#1) Let go of the urge to buy bigger- sized shoes

Unlike most run-of-the-mill leather shoes, safety shoes are sturdy and quite inflexible. Funny enough some people prefer to buy safety shoes that are a tad oversized just to attain more space for the feet. However, the danger with oversized shoes is that they can inflict injuries like bone fractures, sprains, concussions and what not! Thus, it’s favourable to purchase shoes of the right fit.

#2) Don’t be in a haste

Skimming for a perfect pair of safety boots can consume a wedge of your precious little time. Ergo it only makes so much sense to avoid the gaffe of rushing through whilst on a shoe shopping spree. Simply start by setting aside ample time for choosing the right shoes since safety footwear does not easily mould into the shape of an individual’s feet. Just prepare a concatenated list of the right shoe sizes of your employees and then place an order for the same. Remember, taking your employee’s demands into consideration is a must in this scenario.

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#3) Analyze your requirements

Always follow the golden rule: An employer on the lookout for the safest pair of professional-grade industrial safety shoes shouldn’t be swayed by their look. Rather their focus should be on COMFORT. Most safety shoes look stunning on the outside but can be downright painful and bulky to wear. Thus, one must ask their employees to try out different types of safety boots before they close in on the requisite fit.

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#4) The heel’s match

Many organizations make the mistake of purchasing sneakers that don’t match tautly in the heel. The consequence is a discrepancy—all thanks to slippage inside the boot. To bypass such a predicament, scour for safety sneakers that not only fit safely in your heel but also enhance the position and aid your body’s stability.

#5) Get the best deals

Apart from brick and mortar outlets, safety footwear can also be purchased online at lucrative prices. All one needs to do is to factor in safety shoe prices from a couple of websites and order in bulk for their employees after attaining their requisite shoe sizes.

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